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Lightworkers, Starseeds, & Rejection.

this has really helped me out thank you for this and made me feel more comfortable sharing who i really am inside. i mean ever since i began opening completely up to others about who i really am, ive been seeing some people have this light inside of them that i see flicker ON and im amazed that some people feel that way and im proud of them for feeling it. i know they are, i see that they grow and its amazing knowing that. and its kinda hard for me opening up, because of all the REJECTION i feared of, so much fear inside and it was like….i dont need to be afraid of anything anymore. the one things ive noticed in life is that im learning all the time:

lose fear. lose it all. take off those clothes and shed off the extra weight of fear. shine your light. be the light. be one with the light.

and each day you get closer and closer to that, everyones at their own pace and eventually things will work out for the best and greater good :D <3

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    WAKE UP YOU THIRD DIMENSION PEOPLE!!! Come fly in the sky along with birds and us.
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    This. My body is a vessel. I’ve definitely been anticipating a new era, not the end of the world. Especially with some...
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